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Speech therapy for youre voice

Everyone can get problems with their voice. For example you can experience a feeling that you have something in youre throat, problems with singing, paralysis of youre vocal cords, pain during or after speaking and singing or anxiety.

Speechtherapie for language problems

Does your child have problems with the Dutch or English language? Please contact Logopedie@Roos for more information. I can do research and give you advice how to help your child.

Speech therapy for the development of the language

Is the language of your child not developping as you would expect? Maybe speech therapy can be useful.

Speech therapy for articulation

Is it impossible for you or your child to produce certain sounds? Are you (or your environment) having problems to understand your child? Does your child breath through his/her mouth? Does your child lisp or stammer? Do you want to improve your accent?

Speech therapy for respiratory problems

A wrong technique of breathing can have consequences for your voice. In that case speech therapy can be useful. Also for hyperventilation, astma or other breathing problems speech therapy can be useful.


Logopedie@Roos can advice and screen companies about vocal abuse and the consequences at work.

Speech therapy for swallowing

There are a lot of causes for swallowing problems. Logopedie@Roos can give you advice about the right technique and if required, in consultation with a dietician, adjust your food.