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Speech therapy for youre voice

Everyone, but specially professional speakers like actors, singers, teachers, lawyers or call center workers, can have problems with their voice. When complaints last longer than 3 weeks, the advice is to see youre doctor. He or she can refer you to a speech therapist.

Sometimes you have to see a specialist at the hospital to check youre vocal cords. If youre complaints are the result of voice abuse speech therapy can be helpful.

Treatment of the voice is based on excercises of breathing, posture ans specific voice excersises. I use the EVTS technique and laxvox among other things.

Examples of problems of which you can see a speech therapist are: 

  • tension at youre voice

  • problems with singing

  • improving youre singing voice

  • vocal cord parlysis

  • partial closing of the vocal cords

  • pain after singing or speaking

  • fear for speaking

  • unclear voice

  • tired voice

  • speaking in public

  • singing in a choir

  • comprehensibility

  • volume/speed of speaking

If you have any questions please contact the practice so I can tell you more about the posibilities of speech therapy.